Multi Room Heat Pump Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric Multi Room Heat Pump Solutions.

Mitsubishi Electric Multi Room Heat Pump Systems allow you to choose the perfect heat pump for each room with only one outdoor unit making them ideal for renovations, new builds and apartments where outdoor space is at a premium. With a Multi System you can have fully customised temperature control for each room and can mix and match high walls, floor consoles or ducted heat pumps. 

Are you not sure which type and size heat pump is right for you?  Then try our heat pump sizing tool and take the guess work out on choosing the right heat pump!

Can One Heat Pump Outside, Heat Multiple Rooms Inside? Yes!

While a standard heat pump system consists of a single indoor and outdoor unit, a Multi Room Heat Pump System allows you to connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit.

With a Multi Room Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump System you have the freedom to choose the ideal unit for each area of your home, keeping you comfortable without cluttering the exterior.

With Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Technology, you also get the benefit of superior efficiency and energy savings.

Style for Each and Every Room

With a Mitsubishi Electric Multi Room Heat Pump System, you have the flexibility to choose the perfect indoor heat pump for each room. Whether it’s a small capacity whisper quiet high wall for the bedroom, a compact floor console for the office or a discreet ducted model for the lounge, there is a style and capacity to fit any room – no matter the size or interior aesthetic.

Individual Temperature Control for Each Room

A Multi Room System allows individual control of every heat pump in your home; whether you want to increase the temperature in the kids’ bedrooms before bedtime, or turn off the living room heat pump as you head out for dinner. With individual heat pump control, you can adjust the temperature to suit your comfort levels and ensure a heat pump is only operating when needed; maximising energy savings.

Quiet Operation for Peaceful Comfort

Mitsubishi Electric Multi Room Heat Pump Systems are equipped with a Silent Mode; ensuring outdoor sound levels can remain as low as 45dBA* while operating – for the ultimate in quiet home comfort.

* MXZ-2D52 / MXZ-3E54 / MXZ-4E71VAD2

Keep Your Exterior Clutter-Free

While a standard heat pump system requires a separate outdoor unit for every indoor unit inside the home, a Multi Room Heat Pump System is specifically designed so you have the flexibility to connect multiple indoor units to just one outdoor unit. With a range that provides sizing options from two to eight rooms, a total home heating and cooling solution with a clutter-free exterior is now possible.

Future-Proof and Add Units as Your Family Grows

With a Multi Room System, there is no need to hurry and choose all the possible indoor units for your home at once. Indoor units do not have to be connected up all at the same time when you first install the system. This means for example a four room system could be installed with only two indoor units connected to begin with; giving you the flexibility to add up to two more rooms in the future – all connected to the one outdoor unit. Forward planning means you do not end up with four large outdoor units cluttering up your exterior, which would be the case with a standard single room heat pump system.

What Indoor Units Can I Connect to my Multi Room Heat Pump System?

All of the Mitsubishi Electric indoor units listed in our single room heat pumps are compatible with a Mitsubishi Electric Multi Room outdoor unit.

Will I Still Get the Fully Rated Capacity When Using a Multi Room System?

Multi Room outdoor units have different maximum capacities of heating kW and cooling kW. Depending on the indoor units chosen, the actual capacity of heating/cooling produced by the indoor unit may vary from the actual rated capacity. This is because the power of the outdoor unit is distributed across all the connected indoor units that are running.

For example, if you have an AP42 and an AP50 indoor unit connected to an MXZ-3E54VAD2 outdoor, when the two indoor units operate simultaneously in Heating Mode, the AP42 will produce up to 3.1kW, and the AP50 will produce 3.7kW of its rated heating capacity. When only one indoor unit is running, for example the AP50, you will receive up to an impressive 6.8kW of rated heating capacity from the AP50 alone – and energy efficient.

How Many Indoor Units Can be Connected?

To help assist in your decision, all Mitsubishi Electric indoor units have a class rating; this is the numerical component of the model name. For example, the MSZ-GE25VAD2 has a class rating of 25.

Every Multi Room outdoor unit has three parameters that determine the number and size of indoor units that can be connected to it:

  1. The number of indoor units that can be connected (ranging from 2–8 indoor units dependent on unit).
  2. The maximum individual indoor class rating that can be connected (ranging from 22–100).
  3. The maximum total class rating of all units that can be connected (ranging from 75–202 dependent on unit).